Giving Generously as the Year Ends

December 26, 2011

Here’s a question we all need to ask ourselves from time to time: Why do I have so much? …We need to slow down occasionally and force ourselves to wrestle with that question.

Why? Because a consumer-driven culture keeps us laser-focused on what we don’t have, and focusing on what we don’t have leaves our hearts vulnerable to greed… If God has blessed you with more than you need, it’s so that you can share your abundance with those who have need. Embracing that simple truth is the key to ridding your heart of greed.

Guilt is conquered with confession.
Anger is conquered with forgiveness.
Greed is conquered with generosity.
Generous giving will break the grip of greed on your life.
So whether or not you think you have extra, give and give generously.

— Excerpted from Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley

Shawn Thornton


Christ-follower, husband, dad, pastor, golfer, reader, and surfer (TV/Internet).