“Already There” by Casting Crowns

March 18, 2012

Today at Calvary Community Church, we unpacked the story of the Old Testament character Job. He was a man who trusted God no matter what happened in his life. It was not always easy. He struggled to grasp what God was doing in all of his adversity. But, in the end, Job was commended by God for living a life of hope.

He rested his hope in God not in his circumstances.

Job knew that what he saw was a limited and messy perspective. He knew that God saw the big picture and was working a beautiful tapestry out of his life.

On Casting Crowns latest album, Come to the Well, there is a song that speaks to the core of what the Book of Job teaches us. “Already There” will bless you as you hear it, think about it’s lyrics, and understand why it was written. Enjoy!

Video with Lyrics

Story Behind the Song Video


Verse 1:

From where I’m standing

Lord it’s so hard for me to see

Where this is going

And where You’re leading me

I wish I knew how

All my fears and all my questions

Are gonna play out

In a world I can’t control


Verse 2:

From where You’re standing

Lord, You see a grand design

That You imagined

When You breathed me into life

And all the chaos

Comes together in Your hands

Like a masterpiece

Of Your picture perfect plan



One day I’ll stand before You

And look back on the life I’ve lived

I can’t wait to enjoy the view

And see how all the pieces fit



When I’m lost in the mystery

To You my future is a memory

Cause You’re already there

You’re already there

Standing at the end of my life

Waiting on the other side

And You’re already there

You’re already there


You are already there

Shawn Thornton


Christ-follower, husband, dad, pastor, golfer, reader, and surfer (TV/Internet).

3 responses to “Already There” by Casting Crowns

  1. Job is such an inspired book and I really felt your words about it were inspired as well. The message today, as well as the man who shared his life experience before it, really spoke to me and I’ll be thinking about it for awhile.

  2. Carolyn Clark Shoemaker March 21, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Dear Pastor Shawn,
    Last week my sister said I had to read Job based on the trials
    that I am facing. When I came to your Sunday service at 5pm
    I was blessed with your taking us through it! Of couse I know it wasn’t a coincidence! I haven’t committed to Calvary and yet every time I attend, you deliver the scripture I need and your insightful view is always a gift. Thank you for telling me my trials
    are not because of my failure as a Christian but are serving me to draw closer than I ever have to the Lord.

  3. Years ago I heard a teaching on Job that really touched me, because it demonstrated real love and empathy towards Job’s wife. Often she is seen as weak in encouraging her husband to “curse God and die”. However, she was experiencing the same terrible loss as Job was and one could say an even greater loss. After all, she endured the pain and risk to life in order to bring 10 children into the world only to see them all struck down. As a woman in that time, her children were also her security into old age. Her future must have looked incredibly bleak.
    I can relate to this woman who was not the paragon of virtue that her husband was, who had to suffer without the internal confidence that her suffering was not in fact due to divine discipline.
    I hope and pray as I face my own challenges, I can hold onto the assuredness that “my Redeemer lives” and not fall prey to despair. My thanks for a sermon that has provided much food for thought and reflection.